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Pain Management

Chiropractic Pain Management and Pain Relief

When it comes to pain management and relief, Chiropractic is the most widely known form of licensed alternative medicine.

Chiropractic is derived from Greek words meaning "done by hand." In practice, this translates to Chiropractic manipulation of the spine and joints to help relieve pain and stiffness, improving the function of the associated nerves, joints and muscles.

Dr. Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer, founded Chiropractic in 1895 after tracing nearly all disease to pinched nerves which were caused by misalignments of the vertebrae. Chiropractors call vertebrae which don't move properly subluxations.

Subluxations can cause inflammation and ultimately pain in nerves, joints and muscles. By manually adjusting bones, chiropractors correct subluxations, restoring the nervous system to its optimal level.

There are two types of Chiropractor. Straight chiropractors closely follow D.D.Palmer's teachings and focus strictly on spinal adjustments. Mixer chiropractors provide pain management by combining adjustments with massage, rehabilitative exercises, nutritional counseling, heat and ice therapies.

Chiropractic treatments begin with a medical case history, orthopedic and neurological evaluation and might conclude with adjustments to help realign the spine.

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Client Testimonial

I used to suffer from back, knee, shoulder, neck and wrist pain. It started around 4/25/2012. My pain level, from 1 to 10, was at a 10 every day. I could hardly do anything without pain. Since chiropractic, I sleep at night, I can bend over and touch the floor and can walk without pain. I am pain free in so many ways, Thank you! You all have done a geat job on me and I am so satisfied with the results.

Eugene B.